For many Americans, the month of November is a time to reflect on what they’re grateful for. This is especially relevant On Thanksgiving Day, when families and friends gather around the dinner table to share stories and give thanks.

During this time of reflection and gratitude, it’s not uncommon to hear that many people are thankful for their homes. Homeownership nurtures familial closeness, provides security, shelter and a place to call your own – which is especially comforting during the holidays.

As wonderful as homeownership is, it can be easy to take for granted. When you become a homeowner, you take on numerous responsibilities, which can be overwhelming and even stressful at times. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the responsibilities that come with owning a home, remember – there’s many reasons to be thankful for your home this holiday season! 

Need a friendly reminder? Here’s a few reasons to be grateful for homeownership:

You own it!

Unlike renting, owning your own home gives you freedom to do whatever you want to your property. You can put nails in the wall, decorate to your liking, paint or grow plants in your own garden.

Your money goes back into your home.

No security deposits, pet fees or the miscellaneous charges that come with renting. Instead of paying rent and saying goodbye to your money, as a homeowner, you can build equity in your home, which equals more bang for your buck!

You’ll build up your credit.

Making on-time payments every month builds your credit history, which will work in your favor when you need to buy a new car or take out a loan. Building your credit and improving your score will allow you to receive competitive interest rates in the future.

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