Looking for a home can be truly enjoyable when the person helping you is a great fit. Sometimes, finding a real estate agent who fits your needs can feel like you’re making another stressful decision.

Here are some tips to picking a real estate agent that fits you best:

Recent clients are your best reference

Check online reviews to get an idea of the experience other clients had. It’s like checking an online review for a new restaurant you want to try, or asking for a friend’s opinion about something you want to buy. It always helps to talk to past clients or read reviews to know what experience you could have.

Verify licenses and disciplinary actions

You should always verify if your real estate agent is qualified to do the job (you can search for a licensed realtor here).  If you’re confident and trust that your real estate agent has the experience and qualifications you’re looking for, this can save you time in the long run.

Ask about potential awards

Nothing speaks “professionalism” louder than an award. If your potential real estate agent has earned any professional awards, you should know about them! This should help you see how serious your real estate agent takes his or her job and growing success. It should also indicate how much he or she prioritizes their clients.

Gauge your real estate agent’s knowledge of the area

If your real estate agent doesn’t know much about the area you plan to live in, it could be a sign you shouldn’t work with them. You want someone who has knowledge of the area or areas you’re interested in living in. Being able to visualize you in your new area is something a good real estate agent can do.

The search for a home should be easy with a great real estate agent that works well with you. Looking to find a home and want to see what loans may work best for you? Contact the Housing Buzz Team to get more information.