There are cities in the United States working to become more populated. With that goal, there are many programs these cities offer to assist buyers in purchasing a new home. These eight cities will give incentives for a home purchase:

New Haven, Connecticut

This beautiful New England city offers incentives up to $80,000. As a first-time homebuyer, you’re eligible to receive up to $10,000 for your down payment and closing costs, $30,000 for home renovations and up to $40,000 for college tuition.

Marne, Iowa

This small town had a population of just 114 in 2016. With hopes of growth in the future, Marne is offering free land to buyers who build a home of at least 1,200 square feet on the lot.

Lincoln, Kansas

Lincoln is another small town that offers free land to those planning to build a new home. Lincoln’s traditions date back to the 1870’s, but its ready to focus on the future by growing.

Tribune, Kansas

Tribune is looking to attract a younger crowd, and what better way than to pay off student debt? Up to $15,000 of your student loans can be paid off through the Rural Opportunity Zone program.

Baltimore, Maryland

While it might not be a rural town, Baltimore offers two incentives for those looking to move there. A $5,000 forgivable loan is offered through the incentive Buying Into Baltimore, and $10,000 is offered through the Vacants to Value Booster program. 

New Richland, Minnesota

New Richland is a charming town with a population just above 1,200. Like Marne and Lincoln, this town offers free land to those looking to construct a home within a year of receiving land.

Curtis, Nebraska

If building your own home appeals to you, Curtis is another town that offers a free lot of land to those who construct a new home.

Niagara Falls, New York

Niagara Falls attracts millions of tourists each year, and you could be lucky enough to call this beautiful place home! Niagara Falls offers up to $6,984 to those working to pay off their student loans when they decide to live in specified neighborhoods of Niagara Falls.

There are many cities in the United States that will offer you assistance when purchasing a home. If you’re ready to start the homeownership process, contact the Housing Buzz Team today!