Internships are a blessing in disguise for college students. We’re given the opportunity to sample the working world before completing our education, which could open doors to various career paths. Along the way, we gain valuable information to help us grow in our personal lives and professional careers. Union Home Mortgage is “LEADing” the way on preparing young adults for a life of hard work and dedication. I’ve been given the opportunity to intern at this great corporation, and I can’t begin to express how much I’ve learned along the way. Based on my experience as an intern at UHM, I’ve put together 5 helpful tips to help you stand out and thrive during your internship:

 1. Arrive early

For most of us, waking up early can be tough. However, if you want to stand out, aim to get to work early and get down to business. Find your motivation and start working. Your employer will notice your commitment and be impressed with your work ethic.

 2. Always ask questions

You can never ask too many questions. This not only shows your interest in your work, but should (hopefully) help to simplify your tasks. It’s also good to ask for additional work that can help strengthen your skills. I was able to work with various loan officers and help them contact borrowers, reach out for documents, and so on!

3. Network, network, network

Make your way around the office and introduce yourself! Connect on LinkedIn, have lunch with senior-level Partners, or go to different people or other departments with any questions you have. Get out there and meet new faces!

 4. Find a mentor

This one’s very important! Find the hardest worker you know and model your work ethic after them. Learn to work at your full potential and gain valuable knowledge from the professionals around you. I was given two mentors to help guide me during my internship, and they were major game changers. They showed me how to stand out and work at my full potential, which made my job better and easier in the long run!

 5. Use what you know

Time to show off your skills! Take what you’ve learned from your college coursework and apply it to your job. This gives you the opportunity to show fellow Partners what you’re learning and how valuable education is. I’m beyond grateful for the education I receive at John Carroll University, and use the skills I learn in the classroom to perform greater on the floor.

I’m beyond blessed with many opportunities interning at Union Home Mortgage. There’s a reason we call this corporation “family,” because we support each other and root for each other’s success. I hope you utilize these tips to help you stand out in your internship and raise some eyebrows (in a good way, of course). There’s no better time to prove how valuable you are and what you can contribute, and always be ready to get down to business!

– Mike Kraft (Sales Intern and Campus Ambassador)