When you move into your new home, you’ll likely feel overwhelmed with excitement. You’ll have an opportunity to start fresh and create a different space from your previous home. However, what happens if you find yourself feeling out of place, like your house doesn’t feel like home (yet)? Here’s a few ways you can make your new house feel like home:

Surround yourself with familiarity

The reason your previous home felt like home is because you made it your own. Try hanging pictures or art you had displayed in your previous home, or find items that you equate to your old home. This could be anything from a favorite candle scent or a clock that chimes every hour.

Make sure your new home fits your routine

Sometimes your new home can make your routine feel different, and perhaps even complicated. Find a way to make your routine easier and familiar by setting up places for specific items, like your keys and wallet, or picking out your shoes to wear right before walking out the door.

Unpack your favorites first

Unpack your favorite décor and other items first. This will ensure you’re exposed to all the things that make you happy and content. Seeing your favorite pillow covers, blanket, or your favorite book can make all the difference.

Don’t get takeout right away

Break in your new kitchen by making something at home instead of ordering takeout. Maybe it’s your grandmother’s famous recipe or a favorite dish you’d eat in your previous home, whatever you choose, it can help you create that homey environment you desire.

Turning a house into a home can be easy with these simple, no-cost ideas. Ready to find a new house to turn into your home? Reach out to the Housing Buzz team today to get started!