The holidays can be a crazy time, especially if you are expecting inviting family into your home. You may be caught up cooking a lovely meal for your guests when you’ve realized that your home is nowhere near prepared!

Here are some tips to help you get prepared fast!


  1. Time management

Don’t spend needless amounts of time cleaning out draws and rooms that guests will likely not see. Odds are, your guests have been in your home already and don’t need a tour. Clean the appropriate areas and make sure to give them the most time and attention, then focus on the other rooms and spaces if you have some left over time.

  1. Safety

Make sure that when you get your home ready, people can see and are safe from anything that can be harmful. Holiday lights and decorations usually require many chords. To ensure guests are not tripping, use a little tape to tape down any chords that could be a hazard.

  1. Entrance face-lift

Does your front-door or main door need some attention? Adding a simple holiday wreath to the door can bring holiday spirit upon entering. Also consider using holiday rugs at the main entrance.

  1. Appetizers

Kitchens often time have many guests in them who may be assisting the preparation of meals or just to chat while you may be cooking. Use appetizers as a way to steer traffic where you want company, whether that’s in the kitchen or the main dining room.

  1. Bathroom arrangements

Don’t forget the bathroom when you’re decorating for the holidays. Add a couple of ornaments, a holiday scented candle, a vase of flowers or just something festive to keep the most important room in the house in good spirits.

The holidays are full of cheer; make sure this year you are ready for your beloved guests! Interested on if you can get your own home this holiday season? Reach out to Housing Buzz today!