It’s that time of year, the holiday season is here! For the next few weeks, there will be plenty of family and friends coming and going from your home. The tips below can help you prepare for the busy holiday season.

Clean, declutter and decorate

Cleaning is the first part of preparing for the holidays. Spend time making sure each room is vacuumed and clutter free. You may also find it necessary to temporarily remove some of your typical décor to create room for all of your holiday decorations. If you aren’t crazy about full-fledged decorating, you can always add a few decorations around the décor already on display. Adding some pieces will help create warmth that is the holiday season!

Put up the tree

Picking out a tree with your family is a fun holiday tradition, and will add joyful spirit to the living room. However, if you don’t like the mess pine needles create, opt for an artificial tree. After choosing the perfect tree, pick a night to decorate with family. Oh, and don’t forget the tree topper!

Bake away

You know what they say, food brings people together. With all of the guests that will be visiting you, it may be beneficial to bake desserts and freeze them so you always have something delicious on hand. When you’re expecting guests, simply take a dessert out of the freezer ahead of time. You can freeze many desserts including cookies, cakes, breads and pies. Doesn’t a warm piece of apple pie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream while sitting around the fireplace with friends sound superb?

We hope you enjoy celebrating the holidays in your home surrounded by friends and family. If you have any questions about purchasing a new home or refinancing, reach out to the Housing Buzz team today!