While the winter season is favored by many, for others, it may seem like more of an inconvenience. Whether it’s your favorite or not, avoiding winter weather issues at home can make the season a little more enjoyable or bearable. Here are a few tricks to keep your house winter ready!

  1. Check for air leaks

Some older homes do not hold in heat as well as they used to. Windows may begin to get old and allow cold air to leak in, making rooms colder and causing your heating system to work harder. Check to see if your windows might be leaking in cold air and apply weather sealant so you can stay as warm as possible! Windows are not the only perpetrators, also check your doors and install a door sweep to make sure you don’t have a draft.

  1. Install a programmable thermostat

Thermostats that adapt to the environment can save you money when you’re not home. Most manual thermostats will continuously blow out warm air, raising your heat and electric bills. Programmable thermostats can be adjusted to turn on or off while you’re away, saving you money and ensuring you’re warm when you arrive home.

  1. Seal leaky heating ducts

Time can take a toll on a few things in your home, like the air ducts used to heat and cool your home. Check to see if your ducts could be leaking valuable warm air. Sealing these will ensure your home stays warm and heats up quicker than what you may be used to.

  1. Perform service on your furnace

The health of your furnace can make a huge difference. It’s best to change your furnace’s filter monthly to keep it in its best condition and to also make sure it’s operating at the best possible level. A furnace is like a car since it needs to be serviced and inspected often to ensure it’s working at the best and safest level possible.

  1. Insulate your water pipes

Pipes can let out heat from water when they run through cold areas, resulting in water that’s not as warm as you desire. Insulate your pipes to ensure you’re receiving the right water temperature and save money on heating your water, as well.

These are a few quick and easy ways to make sure your home is as warm as can be this winter season! Have a question about a home you’re looking for? Contact the Housing Buzz Team today!