Did you volunteer to throw this year’s Halloween party but don’t know what to do or where to begin?  Of course, you want to throw a scare-tastic party because last year’s party was boo-ring. Below are five tips to throw a spook-tacular gathering.

Terror-iffic Theme                      

Every great party has a theme, this makes picking out decorations easier. Whether it is zombies or scary movie characters, having a theme makes your guests more inclined to dress up. Once you picked your theme, your decorations are essential. DIYing decorations or buying them is easier once you have a set theme.

Eerie Invites

Do you prefer old fashioned paper mail invites or saving trees through e-vites? Doesn’t matter, the choice is yours! Make sure they grab your invitee’s attention. Your guests will remember the date and theme of your Halloween party if they have visual invitations to respond to compared to texts or phone calls.

Mummified music

Whether you play The Addams Family theme song or Thriller, your guests will get down and boogie to any beat. Here is a playlist of Halloween music you should play at your party.

Frankenstein’s Finger Food

No party is complete without food. Try making stuffed mushroom eyeballs, monster fingers or spider web nachos. These ghoulish treats will make your guests wanting more. Here is list of freaky finger foods you need at your party.

Monster Movie Mashes

Bringing kids to the party and want to keep them occupied? Pop in a Halloween movie to keep them busy while the adults have their fun. Some fun movies to put on the list are Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown and Casper. Check out a full list of movies for kids and adults here.

Use these five tips to throw a frightful Halloween party. It will sure make your guests howling for more Halloween parties at your house. If you want transform the outside of your home into a ghostly creepy haunted house, click here.

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