Halloween is the spooky time of year.  What can be even spookier are the prices for decorations that sometimes aren’t quality.

Here are a few DIY Halloween decorations you can make your own this holiday season:

Headless Horseman

Grab a black dress shirt, some black pants, black shoes and a black sheet to construct your very own Headless Horseman to hold your candy bowl for children Trick or Treating. Just stuff the shirt and pants with polyester fiber, a few wood pieces to keep him standing and he’s ready to hand out candy. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to bring him to life.

Witch Pumpkin

This is a quick project that anyone can do. Grab some green paint and cover the entire pumpkin, and put the stem facing outward. Paint a face around the stem, giving it eyes and a crooked smile (maybe even a mole) and you’ve just painted on a spooky witch with a crooked (stem) nose. Finish it off with a witch hat and you’re set.

Glitter Pumpkins

Here’s something easy to do for indoors! Use some glitter glue to decorate your pumpkin whatever way you want! Following the creases with the glue can be a simple yet cute design, or feel free to branch out and get creative.

Recycled Poison Bottles

Finished a bottle of wine the other day? Don’t chuck it into the recycle bin just yet. Give it a good wash and use some black spray paint. Cover the entire bottle and glue some construction paper to look like a label.

Hanging Ghosts

An old favorite for many families is to create your own hanging ghosts for your yard. Head over to your favorite craft store and pick out a Styrofoam sphere, a white sheet and some pins and string. Cut the white sheet to create smaller ghosts, wrap it around the Styrofoam sphere, grab a Sharpie and draw on a spooky face. Secure the tail of the ghost with a rubber band underneath what now resembles the head of the ghost. Use the pins and string to hang your ghost from trees or your porch!


Let this Halloween be the spookiest yet! Looking for a home to display your great DIY decorations? Reach out to the Housing Buzz team on any questions on what mortgages can make your Halloween dreams come true!