While most people love HGTV, there may be a tiny part of you that is still a bit skeptical of how flawless each home renovation project is. The deadline is always met, the result is always stunning and the renovations look effortless. Does this make you question why you aren’t chomping at the bit to jump into a home renovation project?

Project Timeline

The reality of what home renovation projects entail and what HGTV portrays are two very different things. Do-it-yourself projects take much longer, and tend to cost more than they do on television. Project times are shortened because of the show’s limited air time and for the simple fact professionals are putting in the work on the house, not you. They know exactly what to do if and when road blocks arise. If there’s a problem they can’t handle, they know professionals that will be able to get the job done for them.

Differences in Price

Cost is another factor. How do all HGTV projects turn out as outstanding as they are on a budget? This is because HGTV receives discounted or free products from their sponsors. Have you seen the Property Brothers show Brother vs. Brother? All the décor is from Wayfair, and those prominent purple boxes can be seen throughout the duration of the show. When a company partners with a show, its products are noticeable throughout. It starts to attract much more attention from potential customers than before. It’s a better form of advertising for those lucky companies. Laborers may provide free work, as well, as appearing on an HGTV show advertises their quality of work and brand.

The bottom line is, the magic of television makes you see what they want you to see. It looks easier than it is because professionals are renovating the home, and HGTV can also cut and edit what’s been filmed. Keep this in mind the next time you’re watching your favorite show, but also remember this should not deter you from beginning your beautiful home renovation you’ve been planning to do for months!

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