Don’t get fooled this April. Make sure you are aware of these 4 things during your search for the right mortgage lender.

Don’t take out more money than you need

When applying for mortgages, do not borrow more money than you need. In other words, do not go “house poor” by committing too, much of your monthly income to housing costs.

Know Before You Owe

The mortgage process can be complex, and you must understand terms of your loan before you sign. Read and review your loan disclosures, and ask questions until you are confident about the commitment you are making. You might consider hiring a lawyer to help you understand the mortgage legal language.

 Check Your Credit/FICO Score

Checking your score keeps, you updated of any changes that may have occurred in your credit. Take necessary steps to improve your credit score; low credit scores increase monthly payments and can even disqualify you from even obtaining a home mortgage through certain programs.

Choose your mortgage lender wisely:

Find a lender who you can trust and build a strong relationship together. Feeling comfortable working with your lender will make the whole process smoother and much less stressful.


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