Did you know the construction industry is responsible for about 40% of man-made carbon emissions in our environment? The need and want for more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly construction practices has inspired people to think of creative ways to build eco-friendly houses and buildings. There have been a number of technological innovations in building materials and techniques giving you a plethora of eco-friendly design tips for your home

Whether you are building or remodeling a home, there’s a way to do it while keeping the environment in mind. Check out these design tips for eco-friendly homes:

Save Trees

To begin, sometimes the placement of your home is dictated by the trees in your yard. You can use those trees to your advantage! The trees provide shade that keeps the house cool and your energy bills down. It also allows for some privacy in your home.

Large, Angled Windows. Large windows allow maximum light to filter into your home, allowing you to keep your lights off in your home until much later in the day. You can also have glass panels at the base of the angled window that open like trapdoors to allow breezes and eliminate the use for air conditioning.

Durable Materials

Choosing materials, such as cedar-plank siding, can be extremely cost effective because it is resistant to pests and water. Durable materials are strong and low-maintenance, saving you money on future repairs.

Solar Panels

Secondly, solar panels can be a cost-effective way to generate electricity in your home. Although the cost of installing solar panels may be steep at first, over time you will start to see how cost-effective it can really be.

Hopefully some of these eco-friendly design tips have inspired you to have a more sustainable lifestyle. If you are looking for a home to call yours, contact a member of the Housing Buzz team and we can get you in touch with a dedicated loan officer. Stay tuned for more ways you can #GoGreenWithUHM.