Living in a “Green Home” is not just advantageous for the environment, it can have many benefits for you as well! Help save the planet while also improving your health, bank account and overall mindset.

Save Money

 Having an eco-friendly home will have a huge positive impact on your bank account. There is a common misconception that going green costs more, and initially that might be the case. This is for people who are thinking long term. By living in an environment-friendly home, you can save big on monthly utility costs!

Health Benefits

There are common materials in homes which give off air pollution that can be detrimental to your health. These pollutants can be found in paint, carpets, gas stoves and many more household objects. By using eco-friendly materials on your home, you will breathe in cleaner, less-polluted air. Make sure to do your research and find out what is in everything you put inside your home!

Positive Home Environment

Do you ever get in that mood where you can’t stop cleaning? Everything just feels better when you’re done. Now imagine living in a place that is made with eco-friendly materials, cleaned with products that you know aren’t harmful to your health. A clean, healthy home is a happy home!

 Up Your Resale Value

 In today’s day and age, having an eco-friendly home is a big deal when it comes to selling your house. For the reasons listed above, home buyers are more likely to choose a home that is environmentally sound. Not only is your home more likely to sell quicker, but it is more likely to sell for more!

 We hope these four reasons make you seriously consider the benefits of having an eco-friendly home! For any questions regarding the homeownership process, please contact the Housing Buzz Team!