Interior decorating goes along way with making your house feel more like a home. Think about it, your home is filled with love, laughs, and probably a few other things, why not portray those when guests walk through the door? Check out these top 5 ways to make your house a home!

Mood lighting

Mood lighting can greatly enhance your home’s atmosphere. Be sure that the most inhabited areas are appropriately lit, and don’t be afraid to incorporate multiple fixtures — add floor lamps and table lamps to the overhead lighting.

Good Smells

Flowers, candles, potpourri, diffusers and such create an invisible layer of cozy warmth. Generally, citrus scents evoke energy, lavender evokes relaxation, jasmine, gardenia and sandalwood evoke romance and minty or pine evoke a cheerful, clean sentiment.

Space to scale

The beige 18-piece sectional looked amazing in the showroom but makes your living room look like a cushion-to-cushion lily pad of suede. Be sure that the furniture you buy is appropriately sixed.  Just-right furniture dimensions can create a cozy feeling without feeling cramped. The size of end tables, lamps and artwork should also be considered to create a motif with style and continuity.

Say cheese

Family photos never go out of style. They are sentimental and remind you of a time when you felt happy or loved. They bring you tranquility and it only makes sense that you’d want to surround yourself with that.

Soften up

Pay special attention to the soft furnishings in your home as a means of achieving exactly what their name suggests, and softening up your space. Rugs, cushions, bed quilts, towels, and curtains are those pieces that create the cozy, layered, lived-in feeling in your home. Use a variety of textures, materials and patterns to create interest in look and feel.

Don’t have a home to make “homey” yet? If you want to get the home buying process started feel free to contact a member of the Housing Buzz Team!