The butterflies in your stomach, the heart beating out of your chest, and the whirl wind of emotions when you first stepped through the threshold of your future home are all signals that you might have found the dream home you’ve been looking for. Have you ever experienced those emotions? We have. We interviewed one of our Partners, Gina Simpson, on when she knew her house was the one.

Q: Why do you consider your home a union of love?

A: Our home was in desperate need of some love when we purchased it; it was in need of major renovations both inside and out.  With that in mind, it’s not only a home but a project to which my husband and I have really dedicated our time, energy and money! Although the entire renovation experience presented a number of challenges and forced us to do things like sleep on an air mattress while I was 8 months pregnant, it really ended up bringing our entire family together.

Q: Why types of factors were considered when choosing your home?

A: The location was a huge factor.  It was centrally located in a neighborhood we always dreamed of living in, and because it was in need of major renovations, the price was right.  As soon as we walked in and saw the house’s potential, we were sold.

Q: What types of feelings did the house evoke?

A:  Excitement.  Anticipation.  Inspiration.  Once we knew we were going to get the house, we couldn’t wait.  We were on design sites eager to start planning how everything could come together.

Q: What about the home made you feel secure?

A: We are in a great neighborhood surrounded by anything we might possibly need.  We’re also lucky to have neighbors with whom we share a number of interests AND similarly-aged children, so we’ve made wonderful family friends.  Plus, everyone in the neighborhood genuinely looks out for each other.

Q: What type of style were you trying to create?

A: We preserved the home’s Colonial exterior but focused on a more mid-century modern style for the interior.

Q: What have you done to the house to make it feel homier?

A: We’ve always been drawn to fixer-uppers so we could infuse our own style in the house and truly make our house feel like home – not be stuck with someone else’s idea of a home.  We’ve also decorated using art that is meaningful to us, pictures of our family and little decorations and oddities that remind us of fun adventures we’ve had with our kids.

If your current home still gets your heart beating out of your chest and gives you butterflies, then you are one lucky homeowner. If you need help finding the one, please feel free to contact a member of the Housing Buzz team, we can get you on the road to finding your true love.