Are you considering taking the next step in life and purchasing a home? Buying a home is a huge task and a big moment in your life.  Pair that with selling a home and you might start to stress. You are going to want to make this as simple as possible. Well, don’t worry. Union Home Mortgage is here every step of the way. Here’s how to make this a smooth process:

  • It’s important to know what the housing market is like in your area around the time you are planning to buy and sell. A question to consider is:

Does the market lean toward buyers or is the market in favor of sellers?

Understanding this will put you in a position to strategize and create the best plan.

  • Buying first and selling first both have positives and negatives. You can’t always bank on buying and selling at the same time.  It’s best to have a backup plan – set aside extra money to pay two mortgage payments at once and have a backup rental and and storage for your belongings on speed dial.  Talk to your financial advisor to assess your options.
  • Don’t rush. You won’t always find your dream home with the first few showings. Don’t compromise things that are important to you just because you feel like you need to buy a home. You might be tempted to purchase or sell from pressure of time constraints.

Buying and selling at the same time can cause stress, but being well informed and prepared  can help relieve any anxiety and headaches. If you are ready to make that leap of faith and purchase a home, Union Home Mortgage is here to help. Remember, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Housing Buzz team.