Are you looking for a loan program that fits your needs? Union Home Mortgage prides itself on giving you all the knowledge you need to choose the best program to fit your lifestyle. Let us give you all the details you need to know, starting with the HomeReady® mortgage.

HomeReady is a loan program designed by Fannie Mae to meet the various needs of today’s borrowers. The purpose of this program is to expand financing eligibility to creditworthy low- to moderate- income borrowers. Could this be the right program for you?

Let’s talk about the advantages of the HomeReady program:

  • You do not have to be a first-time homebuyer for this program.
  • Gifts, grants and cash-on-hand are permitted to be sources of funds for down payments and closing-cost fees.
  • This program offers low down-payment options.
  • Simple and convenient online education will prepare you to buy and own a home.
  • Offers reduced MI coverage requirements for specific loans
  • Monthly MI payments are cancellable.
  • Co-borrowers are not required to live in the home.
  • Extended households may help you qualify.

Wondering how to get started? Great! First, you will be required to educate yourself by completing an online course ensuring you gain the knowledge you need for homeownership. This will also help you prepare for a painless loan process.

Contact a member of the Housing Buzz Team to learn more. We are always ready to help put you the best possible position for your lifestyle needs.

*Income limits may apply.