Are you a wannabe Clark Griswold? Are you dreaming of being the brightest home on your street this year for the holiday season? Here at UHM, we want to see your dreams become reality, so we took the liberty of giving you a bit of advice when it comes to decking the halls for your curb appeal.

Be a good neighbor – Make note of your neighbors’ floor plan: does their bedroom window back up to your house? If that’s the case, it might not be a good idea to put lights up there. You want to spread the holiday cheer, not disturb your neighbors’ sleep.

When can holiday lights go up? – Give the turkey his holiday and put lights up the day after Thanksgiving. This gives you a little over a month to enjoy them. Also, be sure to take them down before February. You don’t want neighbors complaining!

Use judgement – If you enjoy light-up blow-up decorations, that’s great! Remember to be aware of where you place them in your yard; you don’t want to block anyone’s driving visibility.

Light up the night – If you want to keep your holiday lights on throughout the night, keep your electric bill in mind. We don’t want you to get a surprise when the bill comes this month! A good idea is to use a timer – saving power and eliminating the worry about turning them off if you aren’t home.

Create a color scheme – It’s easy to go overboard with different decorations and lights, but try to stick with a plan so your home doesn’t become an eyesore to the rest of the neighborhood. If you aren’t sure, stick with all white lights or all colored lights.

If this is your first year decorating your home, we hope you enjoy the holidays! If you are looking to buy a new home so that you can start lighting it up for the holidays, please contact a member of the housing buzz blog team!