As much as we wish and hope, becoming a homeowner is not always smooth sailing.  You may have found the perfect loan to fit the perfect home, but things still have the potential to be chartered off course.

Take Brian Coleman’s, Vice President of Administration, journey to becoming a homeowner for example.  Brian and his wife had yet to sell their previous home at the time of purchase on their new home, a problem others may experience.

“Our struggle was that we could potentially have two house payments for an extended period of time, which was a calculated risk,” Brian said.  “This added convenience in terms of timing for our closing and moving dates for our new home but added a lot of stress and anxiety.”

Luckily, they were able to obtain an offer for the sale of their old home days before closing on the loan for their new home and Brian walked away learning an important lesson.

“In my mind, it is important to think with your head and not with your heart, especially when looking for the most important investment of a lifetime,” Brian said.  “With our situation, my wife and I were so enamored with our new home that we rushed to purchase before we sold our previous residence.”

No matter the rocky situation you are faced with when purchasing a home, it is important to remember the storm will pass, to keep looking to the horizon and to always remember the most important part of being a homeowner.

“Every time I walk in the door I look around and count my blessings as we are very fortunate we have the opportunity to own a home and raise our daughters in a safe and loving environment.”

If you are thankful for your homeownership journey or have any questions regarding your path towards homeownership, please feel free to reach out to our Housing Buzz team.  We would love to hear your stories and answer any questions you may have.