Looking for homes can be very exciting, especially if for a first time homebuyer.  Some often feel frustrated when they don’t find the perfect home at first.  Many people search for a very long time before they find the right fit while others find their dream home immediately.

Don’t get discouraged if you realize a house isn’t the one for you, because the next home you look at might be the one to give you butterflies.

meghan-sold-signMeghan Bandsuch and her boyfriend, Union Home Mortgage Corp. (UHM) clients, had a great experience when looking for their dream home.  Meghan is the Administrative Assistant at UHM and also a UHM client. As renters, they realized a mortgage would be around the same monthly payment, but would give them a property of their own.  They spent some time saving for a down payment and once they felt ready, they began the home-buying process.

They reached out to UHM loan officer, Chris Garrity, for a pre-qualification.  “We wanted to know our budget before we fell in love with something we couldn’t afford” said Meghan.  “Chris pre-qualified us and prepared us for the loan process. Right off the bat, he told us what we would need and could expect”.

“He was clear with all the paperwork necessary which made it easier, and he was available day and night with our constant questions. Chris also connected us with our Realtor.”

With their wish list in mind, they started searching for their new home and, lucky for them, they found it on their first day of the search with a Realtor.  “We didn’t plan on finding our dream home the first time out, but when you know, you know,” Meghan shared.  When they pulled up to the home, they both thought this wasn’t the home for them. The Realtor convinced them to take a look inside and they immediately changed their minds.  This house had even more than what was on their wish list.

“We sat down and asked each other if there was anything about this house that we did NOT like or that did NOT meet our standards and neither of us could say anything. We immediately saw ourselves having holidays and birthdays there. That’s when we knew.”

Don’t worry if you don’t find your perfect home on the first search.  It sometimes takes a while, but it is worth the wait!  If you are ready to start your journey to homeownership, contact the Housing Buzz team today.