All of your friends are doing it. But is it the right time for YOU?

Buying your own home is a very exciting milestone. It can be easy to get swept up in the excitement of finding a place to call your own. However, if the decision does not fit well with your current situation, it could lead to problems down the road that could harm your ability to reach other great life milestones.

Before you roll out the welcome mat, let’s take a step back and consider these helpful points.

Direction in the Numbers

Talk to a professional about your key financial indicators. He or she can help offer a general consensus if you should move forward with the purchase of a particular home or if you should explore other options.

A mortgage expert from the Housing Buzz team can work with you and explain the best mortgage option(s) for your specific individual needs – having your credit score cleaned up and debt paid down is a great way to get the ball rolling.

Remember to err on the conservative side when discussing financial circumstances.

Long-term Happiness

Consider your short- and long-term goals. Would the purchase of your dream home conflict with these goals? Make sure to think about the other milestones that are important to you. If becoming a homeowner is still top rank, talk to our Housing Buzz team today!