As the spookiest holiday of the season approaches, goblins and ghosts aren’t the only thing you want to keep out of your house.  No we aren’t talking about bats and spiders (although it’s always good to stay away from those guys); we mean the cold.  As winter approaches and the temperature drops, keep your house cozy and welcoming by following these home-heating tips!

  1. Let the Sun Shine. Don’t live in the dark like a vampire! Even in the winter keep your blinds open and let the sun shine. Just a couple hours of sunlight a day will make your house much warmer.
  2. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans. By setting your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise the warm air that rises to the ceiling will be pushed back down towards the ground. Who knew!
  3. Seal the Drafts. No one wants the drafty feeling similar to the one they get when walking into a spooky haunted house.  Make sure to seal your drafty windows to keep the cold out!
  4. Add a Layer to Your Wood Floors. It is no secret stepping onto cold wood and tile floors can make you want to jump back into bed and wrap yourself up like a mummy.  Layering up your floors with various rugs will not only keep your feet warm but will help insulate your house as well.
  5. Buy New Curtains. Are you one to hide in the shadows and darkness? Now is the time to upgrade your curtains.  Considered upgrading to insulated curtains to help keep some of the warm air from escaping out into the tombstone like cold.
  6. Cover Your Walls. Another way to avoid hair-raising shadows from sneaking up on your walls all winter is by adding some artwork! Keeping your walls covered with various paintings is another way to help keep the heat in!

These house heating tips will help your house feel more like a home this winter and less like a coffin. If you are interested in learning more about your home or your financing options, don’t be scared to contact a member of our Housing Buzz Team today!