Ghosts, goblins and ghouls galore!  Is it your goal every Halloween season to have the one house everyone looks at in fear and amazement as they pass by? The one house kids timidly approach on Halloween night? A real-life haunted house decorated with scary caricatures associated with the season? If outdoor spooky décor is for you, then we are here to help! Check out five easy outdoor decoration ideas that you can set up this holiday:

  1. DIY Floating Ghosts. These little floating ghosts are an easy way to add some spook to your lawn décor!


2. Light Up Cemetery. Turn you front lawn into a graveyard! Include creative or witty sayings on the tombstones for a humorous appeal.


3.  Bloody Handprint Window Clings. Make your guests weary to enter by creating these window clings. It won’t cost you much – just your handprint!


4.  Chicken Wire Ghosts. Looking to make life-like ghosts throughout your yard? Use chicken wire and spray paint to create this spooky look! This easy tutorial shows you how!


5.  Wheelbarrow of Bones. Throw some mulch, skeleton bones and fake birds into a wheelbarrow and this easy look is complete!


Dare to try some of these ideas in your front yard? Share your pictures with us on social media using our #bootifulhomes hashtag!

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