After tons of planning, you finally had the wedding of your dreams.  Now that your big day is over, it’s time you and your spouse begin thinking about where to settle down.  Many are drawn toward the cities where they grew up, as they have strong connections with the memories created there.  Now is the time to start a new chapter and build a life together, so make sure you take the time to analyze your options.  Here are some of the best cities for newlyweds:

Tulsa, Oklahoma: Tulsa sits on the Arkansas River and the population is slightly less than 400,000. It’s a city with a small-town atmosphere.  Because of the many city activities this is where many married couples settle down.

Charlotte, North Carolina: If you are looking for a place with a big city feel, Charlotte is the place for you.  As the second largest financial center in the U.S. and with a population of almost 793,000, the city has a lot to offer.  Plus, the weather stays fairly warm year round, so it’s ideal if you see kids playing out in your yard in the future.

San Diego, California: Known for its beaches, parks and warm weather, there are a variety of outdoor activities at your fingertips in San Diego.  Plus, with its lively downtown, entertainment and events are everywhere you look. If you’re ready for city living that includes beach life, San Diego could be for you.

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Minneapolis is typically known for its parks and lakes.  The population is around 400,000, and it’s great for newlyweds because the trendy city can give you a suburb feel.

San Jose, California: San Jose is known for its downtown historic district and architectural landmarks. The population is slightly over 998,500.  Although California stands out for a higher cost of living, San Jose has low crime rates and a higher average household income.

Washington, D.C.: The capital of the U.S. is a great place to settle down.  With a population of about 658,900, it is home to the country’s largest percentage of educated young professionals. This is a unique place to live as you will be surrounded by the politically minded and amazing architecture.

Raleigh, North Carolina: Known for its many oak trees, the capital of North Carolina has a population of almost 431,750 – a number that continues to grow as many millennials and young families move there.  If you are already thinking about having your own children, note that 25% of the kids in Raleigh are under the age of 6. There are many employment opportunities and the city maintains a family friendly atmosphere.

Dallas, Texas: As Dallas’ is sometimes known for its outrageous city life, so you probably don’t realize that it is also very family-oriented.  With a population of 1.258 million, Dallas is a commercial and cultural hub.  The great weather, high employment rate and affordable housing make it a great place for newly married couples.

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