For two consecutive years, UHM has been named a Top Workplace in Northeast Ohio by The Plain Dealer, ranking #13 in mid-sized companies for 2016. The Top Workplaces Program ranks organizational health and workplace engagement using an employee feedback survey.  And of course, the biggest honor is in having happy, fulfilled employees.  Here are a few reasons our Partners consider UHM a Top Workplace:

“UHM encourages new ideas through the use of college interns and individuals that are “fresh” to the mortgage industry. We also make decisions and changes with the input of employees from the ground up.”

               Senior Management

“I sincerely think the departments work well together. They have respect and work to cooperate to make decisions that are best for the company as a whole, not just simply for individual departments.”


“I am excited about the goals to grow the company to be nationwide and a household name while still keeping a small company feel – in the way they care about the employees and treat everyone as equals no matter what position they hold.”


“Our values and ethics in our Code of Conduct are held very dear and instilled from the top down. I feel confident that it is followed through and supported daily. When the code is breached, it is addressed, and we move on positively. I also feel that UHM is not out to close any loan, they are there to help and close the ’right’ loans for the right people.”


“Everyone at UHM is willing to help each division succeed. UHM over-communicates with all partners with department huddles and monthly company calls, which is rare in larger companies. UHM delivers on all promises to staff.”


“The atmosphere impressed me on all fronts, right from the start. Everyone has a’can do’attitude and the willingness and desire to assist their colleagues in reaching one common goal: close loans and be the best we can be for ourselves, client and UHM.”

               Assistant Loan Officer

“Since I started working here I have been given so many opportunities. Management is always willing to listen and offer advice. Everyone is friendly and always eager to help. As an intern, I did not expect to get as much out of this company as I actually have. I am so happy to have started working here and I continue to grow and learn as much as I can from this company.”


These are just a few reason Partners love working at UHM.  UHM’s growth and success wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of its Partners. Interested in joining a Top Workplace? Please contact the Housing Buzz Team today!