Every company has its own particular way of thinking, behaving, and working that exists in the workplace. Company culture can have a huge impact on business and here at Union Home Mortgage we thrive off of our company culture. Since 1970 UHM has built a strong reputation based on our code of conduct. The growth and success of our “Top Workplace” wouldn’t be possible without our culture. Wondering what makes our culture stand out? Check out some qualities that make our culture so outstanding.

  1. Growth – Because of our competitive edge, Partners are pushed to their limit each day. Not only do Partners want the company to prosper, they want their coworkers to as well.
  2. Feedback – We want our coworkers to succeed, so positive feedback is a must. This is a requirement when you want to watch your fellow Partners reach their full potential. Corporate life can be demanding so positive feedback might be exactly what you need to hear.
  3. Collaboration – Teamwork aids all success when it comes to the mortgage industry. When we see coworkers helping others, it inspires us to do the same. Working as a team advances productivity.
  4. Over Communication – In this business, it’s needed. We make sure everyone understands what is going on and what needs to be done. That way no one is left out of the loop.
  5. Code of Conduct – Our attitude, performance, and values are our main focus. When all Partners follow the code of conduct, the company atmosphere is professional and passionate.

Companies are defined by their culture and UHM’s culture definitely shines. Culture is the foundation of all future success. If you are looking for a fulfilling and successful career, contact the Housing Buzz Team today!