So we hear you have been working toward that big promotion for years but aren’t quite there yet. It is okay! We are here to help. Most employers prefer to promote from within, existing employees know the company’s ins and outs and are already a great cultural fit. But what exactly are employers looking for when promoting? Is there anything you can do to help yourself become a better candidate? We have compiled a list of some characteristics companies look for when promoting: The 5 Ps of Promotion. Check them out and help set yourself apart for the next big promotion.

  1. Ability to Prioritize.  We know most people are constantly swamped at work but knowing what is most important on your to-do list is a huge benefit.  Employers want people who make sure everything that needs to be done is getting done, and prioritizing can help get you there!
  2. Is a Team Player.   Teams aren’t just for the football field. An employee that values teamwork is the best type of employee.  Being a team player could mean a variety of things.  Team players not only put the team on their back, contribute to the greater good and do what is best for the team, but they are well-respected and considered a role model.  Team players work to develop the team and everyone on it, not just themselves.
  3. Proactive.  Proactive employees are always ready for what happens next and always looking toward the future.  They are constantly getting things done and staying ahead of the game.  They don’t wait around for things to happen, they go out and make things happen, which is exactly what employers want to see.
  4. Positive.  You have heard it about a million times by now, but it is worth saying again and again: Positivity takes you far in the workplace.  A positive employee is someone who can remain calm in stressful situations and who approaches everything with an open-minded outlook. Positive co-workers are fun to be around, promote morale and encourage a work environment where everyone can thrive.
  5. Professional Drive.  Companies also look for people who have the willingness to develop themselves professionally.  Whether that means continuously asking for feedback, taking responsibility for big projects or looking for ways to further their knowledge in their field, those are the people who will stand apart in the eyes of their employer.  With drive like this you aren’t only bettering yourself, but your whole company!

Now that you know the steps, it is time to implement them! You will be walking right into that new promotion in no time.  If you are looking to join a company that values and recognizes employees contributions in the workplace, visit