We all know of one person in the workplace who pushes those unsaid boundaries.  Whether it is playing offensive music too loud or majorly invading personal space, every workplace has at least one of these offenders.  But change starts with you (yes, you); it is up to everyone to create a workplace where fellow employees feel comfortable and more importantly can focus on the tasks at hand.  So, don’t let yourself fall into the trap of being an annoying neighbor or a rude co-worker. Respect your co-workers, and they will respect you.  Looking to be a better employee in the workplace? Check out our list of 5 simple activities to avoid at work!

  1. Being Disruptive. No one likes a noisy neighbor, so keep all your notifications, dings and alerts to yourself. If you are listening to any music, make sure you use headphones! Take personal phone calls to the hall and make sure you are using an inside office voice when working at your desk. Lastly, keep your cell phone on silent or vibrate; we all know you love Taylor Swift, but no one wants to hear “Blank Space” every time you get a new text message.
  2. Misusing Social Media. Social media: we all know how addictive and distracting it can be. But keep your social media use to a minimum while at work (no need to worry: that video of the dog raising a baby kitten will still be circulating the internet when you get off work).  And when it comes to talking about work on social media… don’t do it!  Social-media word spreads quickly; you wouldn’t want something said on social media to get back to your employer and negatively affect your job.
  3. Coming in to Work Sick. Not only does your constant coughing and sniffling make germaphobes break out the Purell and Lysol wipes, but it makes everyone uncomfortable!  Technology, such as laptops and cell phones, makes working remotely easy.  If you aren’t feeling well enough to make it to work, you can still keep up with your immediate, pressing tasks.
  4. Making Commitments That You Can’t Keep. No one wants a co-worker who falls through on projects and commitments they previously agreed to handle.  Your team is relying on you!  Make sure only you take on projects you know you can complete.  That way when you say you will do something you get it done!
  5. Assuming You Are Always Right. Even the best of us make mistakes. So when you make a mistake, learn from it! Unfortunately, no one knows everything (sorry to burst your bubble) so be open to suggestions, advice and feedback as to how you can improve.  Not only do you allow yourself to learn but you grow as a professional, as well.

Following these tips can help you be more aware and considerate in the workplace — your employees will appreciate it!  If you are looking to work for a company that values each and every employee in the workplace, check out www.unionhomemortgage.com/careers.