It’s Monday morning. Yawn. After coming off of a relaxing weekend, it can be tricky to reengage with your work life. With the right attitude you can make your Monday through Friday as enjoyable as your days off.

Crazy, right?

Your productivity and success at work, even with little tasks, make the days of the work week go by a little faster and a little brighter. We have some tips for every day of the week to help you have your best work week yet!

SundayThink ahead. Take just a few minutes to look at your schedule for the upcoming week. In your mind or on paper, plan out what your priorities are and the necessary steps to reach deadlines. Pack your lunch, lay out your clothes, and organize your belongings. This short amount of time will have you prepared to dive right in to your work.

MondayHit the ground running! Settle in to your morning routine, keep on top of your tasks, and arrive on time for your appointments. Despite a mundane atmosphere, find some #mondaymotivation – this day will help set the tone for the next few days to come.

TuesdayKeep the fervor going. Keep your momentum from Monday going and complete any high priority tasks that carried over from the previous day. Reassess your project statuses, and adjust your planning accordingly.

Wednesday – Wake up and smell the coffee…it’s Hump Day! It’s now the middle of the week – instead of stressing or losing your drive, prove the Hump Day stereotype wrong by becoming a leading example of an enthusiastic employee. Others will follow and an overall boost in team morale with improve productivity.

Thursday – Happy Friday Eve! Take a look at all that you’ve accomplished so far this week…you’re doing an awesome job! So keep on moving along. Take account of any Friday deadlines and make sure that you are on track to complete projects by the weekend.

Friday – Let’s wrap it up!  Today is the day to finish up your tasks…but it’s not the weekend quite yet! Keep pushing through with the same ethic and quality of work that you’ve given all week. If anything is outstanding at the work day’s end, make sure to follow up with any necessary communication and make a note for next week.

Saturday – Enjoy! It’s important to unwind. Leave the e-mails and projects behind and spend some personal time to reset yourself.

And there you have it – a recipe for a successful work week. If you are interested in joining a Top Workplace, please feel free to contact our Housing Buzz team today!