Written by Intern Collin Birk

My relationship with my mentor, I believe, is slightly different then it might be with other interns at Union Home Mortgage. Most of the summer interns started with the company in May and I joined the company back in January. I believe this has led me to have a different relationship with my mentor. I have not spent a lot of time talking to my mentor mostly because I am a very independent person, but also because I have already been with the company for six months. I have already undergone a large deal of professional and personal growth before I was assigned a mentor. Going along with this I believe I already knew the company to some extent and have a plan for my future professionally which leaves me with little to discuss with my mentor. Regardless I am grateful to have someone who has been with the company for a good deal of time to discuss with or ask questions. I think that in the future I may be able to connect more with my mentor as I move into a new role with the company and get into unknown territory where my mentor can help me by advising from the information and experience she has.

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