Written by Intern Jessica Sirchen

Mentor: Dianne Maar

My mentor is Dianne Maar. Let me just start off by saying that she is truly great. Her positive attitude and work ethic is something that I look up to. She has made my intern experience at Union Home Mortgage (UHM) worthwhile and for that reason I look forward to going into work every day. Dianne works in the Wholesale department. She does a little bit of everything and has trained me so that I can assist her with her daily tasks. Whether we’re working on countless appraisals, vetting title agencies, or pulling FHA case numbers for FHA loans, we work pretty well together. We have fun, but get our work done on time! Dianne’s been an awesome teacher and has given me valuable insight into not only what she does but about the company as a whole. Coming into this internship, I knew nothing about the mortgage industry. Dianne has changed that for me. I continue to learn every day. She is always more than happy to help and I couldn’t ask for a better mentor!

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