Written by Intern Jake Opincar

Mentor: Jim Cegelski

Jim has been a great mentor because he is constantly offering and giving help but knows when to let me struggle through a project for a bit so I can learn.  This has been huge for both my professional and personal growth.  It has taught me that someone won’t always be there to point me in the right direction when I get stuck and that I need to figure it out for myself first.  With that said being, he has had great insights on many topics that I told him I wanted to learn and has taught me new principles and frameworks that I had not even heard of prior to working here.

Jim has definitely put the extra effort into taking the time to sit down and talk to me, at the very least, weekly to make sure I am not stuck on anything, that I am enjoying working here, and most importantly, that I’m enjoying what I’m working on.  He has put me through coding katas, reviewed and tested my code, given me challenging projects, given me projects that will actually have an impact on the company, and much more to help me continue to improve as a coder and as an employee in the professional workplace.

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