Written by intern Eric McGinnis

Blake Eddy is a System Administrator at Union Home Mortgage (UHM) and works closely with the rest of the IT staff.  I interviewed Blake about his time at UHM and why he continues to work here.  To start I asked Blake what brought him to UHM.  Blake stated that he wanted a real job in the IT field and at the time Blake had some friends and family that worked here.  Blake chose UHM based off of the recommendations of his friends and family and has been here ever since.  Blake stated that his favorite part of working here at UHM is the people.  He went on to say that he gets along very well with all of his peers and the friendly culture is very appealing.  It’s the friendly atmosphere and environment that has kept Blake working here over the years.  The last question I had for Blake was any advice he had for future partners or interns.  Blake responded, “If you stay positive and work hard you will get the most you possibly can from your position. Your time here at UHM will be greatly rewarding and awesome. “

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