Written by Marketing Intern Amanda Coleman.

The work you do in the mortgage industry is meaningful work. You are a part of the process of someone buying a home, which is typically a major point in someone’s life. You are working to improve the lives of others. In this business, your work goes beyond your paycheck.

Misty Brosky

Having started my internship a few weeks ago, I decided to sit down with a full time partner to find out more about the company and my future here at Union Home Mortgage (UHM). Misty Brosky was introduced to the mortgage industry in 1998 as the office receptionist for Union National Mortgage (name later changed to Union Home Mortgage). She made her way into the post-closing department by 2002. Misty does her best to make the most of her time at UHM and always has a positive attitude. Here are 4 tips Misty believes will make your time at UHM worth your while:

Tip 1: Be extraordinary.

Misty believes that if you do the same thing as everyone else, it’s hard to be successful. You need to go above and beyond.  If you want to be noticed, it is important to find the edge and push past it.

Tip 2: Stay positive.

There are ups and downs in this industry.  Unfortunately, the busy season doesn’t take place during the winter and there tends to be some overtime work in the summer. Keep this in mind and remember that in the end, the work is worth it.

Tip 3: Be passionate.

If you want to land a full time job at UHM you will need to work hard, respect other employees and, of course, follow the Code of Conduct. It’s also not a bad idea to let management know your goals and where you see yourself within the company.

Tip 4: Respect the community fridge.

Don’t eat someone else’s sandwich.

“If someone stole my food from the fridge, I would be upset. I love to eat. I would probably post a funny meme on the fridge about it… IE:”


To whoever stole my lunch:


An internship (especially at UHM) is more than extra help for your employer, it is a time for you to gain experience and grow your skills. Schedule meetings with your supervisor to receive feedback on your work, seek out more opportunities, and show your interest in your projects. If you are looking to continue your career with the company you are working with, think of your internship as an extended interview.

Now is the time to step up and be a leader. Don’t be afraid to take initiative – this is a great way to stand out to your boss and other employees. The best thing you can do is take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.  Be willing to try new things and take a step outside your comfort zone.  Even if what you do this summer isn’t what you’ve planned to do with the rest of your life, get the most out of it.

Make this experience a positive one!

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Amanda Coleman is a recent graduate from The Ohio State University where she studied Visual Communication Design.  As a member of the marketing department, she spends her time at UHM designing flyers and ads, writing blogs, creating content for social media, and helping the department with whatever they need. In the future, she hopes to continue design and marketing. Her favorite foods are chicken wings and asparagus. She spends her free time sleeping, binge watching Netflix, and riding a Harley.