Recent college grad? Still searching for guidance in your career? Or have you been on the same straight and narrow path and are looking for more out of your work? Check out these tips from some of the leadership at Union Home Mortgage!

“Always have a winning attitude and be helpful. Give 120% every day!”

-Sue DeMattie, Chief Risk Officer, Union Home Mortgage Corp.

An optimistic view on life and the workplace can make all the difference. Leave the daunting, negative thoughts behind and focus on the positives. These contagious vibes will spread to others, and encourage the teamwork needed to tackle challenges and accomplish goals. Lend a helping hand, and be ready to give it your all. The outcomes will be worth it!

“Excellence is not a skill it is an attitude – strive for excellence in EVERYTHING you do and you will be successful.”

-Tony Pietrocola, Senior Vice President, vLoan

You might not have as many years of experience as your fellow team member, but what matters is that you bring your “A” game each and every day. Be eager to learn, put in some extra hours, and take your responsibilities seriously. Showing this work ethic in all facets of your life will take you far.

“There are many ways to succeed in any business. Most will tell you some formula based on effort and passion is the place to start.  My experience with Union Home has stressed to me that in addition to having the passion and putting forth the effort for success, you also need to have a great group of like-minded people around you.  A company culture where outstanding effort and great passion for our craft drives the daily activity – that is the way for everyone to succeed.”

-Jim Wickham, Vice President, Third Party Origination

 The people – it’s what sets stellar companies apart from great companies. Passion and effort make good companies great but add the most important ingredient, culture, and that’s when companies become extraordinary. Surround yourself with passionate, hard working people who are dedicated to living out the same values to achieve the same goals and that’s when everyone wins.

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