You graduated, now what?  This is the golden question almost every new college graduate asks themselves.  “What will I do?”, “Where will I work?”, “How will I get by?” are just a few other questions these grads will have.  Well not to worry, we have an easy four step plan to help you figure it out!

First things first, you must begin the job-hunting process and find yourself a job! But not just any job, the right job, and hopefully a job that will lead to a fulfilling lifelong career.  Be sure to perfect your resume and paperwork to make you really stand out.  How potential employers view you is very important, so be sure to not only represent yourself properly in person, but also online, whether that means cleaning up your social media or creating the ideal LinkedIn profile.

The next step is determining the best place for you to live.  Whether that means relocating nearby your new job, or moving back in with mom and dad until that job comes along. Back home has its advantages, like no rent, home cooked meals, free laundry, and no utility bills.  However, there cannot be this many advantages without a few disadvantages.  You’re still your parents baby, so more likely than not, they’re going to treat you like it.  Keep in mind that curfews and other rules may be established.  If this would be just too much for you, getting an apartment is another possible option.  Although you would have the freedom to do what you want, you would also have the responsibility to provide everything you need.  Also consider finding an apartment in your price range, in the right area, and the possibility of having to find the right roommates.

You are almost done, the following step is budgeting.  As much as you may want to take your paycheck and splurge at Margarita Monday like you did every week last semester, you now have to take into account all of your monthly bills.  Some of these might include rent, utilities, phone bills, transportation, groceries, and any possible debt or loans you may have racked up, just to name a few.  It is always a good idea to set up a monthly budget plan to see what you owe, and what extra money you will have to spend or save.

The last step, which ties a bit into budgeting, is setting financial goals for yourself. As eager as you may be to blow your remaining paycheck, ask yourself, what will be most beneficial to your future self? Setting financial goals, both short term and long term, is a very important part of investing in your future, so be sure not to skip this last step.

Follow these four easy steps and you will be on the path to success in no time! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Housing Buzz team today!