We’ve all heard the age-old poem, “Roses are red”, especially prevalent around holidays celebrating love and anniversaries. But have you ever wondered, “Why the rose?”. What is it about this particular flower that has embedded it as a staple of romance into society’s mind? Let’s find out.

A long, long time ago, roses were iconic in Greek and Roman culture which adorned their goddess of love, Aphrodite (or Venus). This was paralleled by Christianity’s symbolic practice of honoring the Virgin Mary with the same flower. Enter the Shakespearean era that upheld the rose further with poetic romanticism that has been continued for generations up until now…

“Will you accept this rose?” The long awaited for question anticipated in every season finale of the hot list TV show The Bachelor. The rose’s long-lived stereotype is also evident in the 200 million plus roses grown in a year for St. Valentine’s Day (CNN).

In the 1800’s, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte grew roses on her estate for viewing. Today, you can celebrate love by growing your very own rose garden to enjoy at home, with thanks to Empress Josephine.

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