Make the transition a great one; learn the ins and outs of homeownership

You have finally landed your dream home!  Congrats!  The transition is very exciting; however, you might be left wondering, what is the next step?  How are things going to be different from when I was just a renter? How do I keep up with homeownership?  Well lucky for you we have the answers! With our help the transition to homeownership will be a breeze.

  1.  Prepare for the long haul.  You are going to be living in your new home for a while so make sure you love it! Move into a place where you can see yourself building a future, that way you will have no regrets.
  2. Budget, budget, budget.  Take in to account all of your expenses when you make the change from renting to buying.  That way, you can plan ahead and won’t be caught in a sticky financial situation in the future.
  3. Get handy.  No more calling the landlord!  Homeownership comes with a large array of DIY projects that aren’t traditionally associated with renting.  Now is the time to learn how to do all of those home improvement tasks that you didn’t have to worry about before.  Leaky toilet, broken water heater, landscaping, repainting needs, you name it.  But remember learning how to get handy isn’t a bad thing, it means that you are in control and can keep your house in tip top shape according to your standards.
  4. Create that “Home” feeling.  Home is a place, but more importantly it is a feeling.  Add personal touches to your home like hanging pictures, coating the walls with a splash of paint or adding your favorite decorations.  This can create the comfort of being in a place that is truly your own.
  5. Make friends.  Opposite of renters who are always moving in and out, you and your neighbors are going to share the street for a while.  Why not get to know them?  Invite them over for cookouts, housewarming parties or simply wave hi as you pass them on the street.  Either way you are one step closer to getting to know your new neighbor.  Establishing friendships with neighbors can ensure that if something ever goes wrong or you need to borrow a lawn tool they will be there to offer a helping hand.

Now you are all set to make the transition from renting to buying.  It is time to officially call yourself a homeowner!  Along the way if you have any questions regarding homeownership please feel free to contact a member of our Housing Buzz Team.